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If you are drawn to the Spiritual Life
and are interested in a new Anglican-based
Religious Order. This may be for you!

The Sisters of Jesus is an emerging Anglican-based Religious Order

At present we are looking to raise finance for a 3rd bursary place at the Junior Royal Northern College of Music Saturday school for a young talented drummer/percussionist as well as donations towards the provision of  travel and equipment grants for skilled apprenticeship places in a variety of craft and skilled work.

We are looking for possible apprenticeship places in the following skills:

  • Cabinet and skilled carpentry.

  • Musical instrument making

  • Technical drawing

  • stonemasonry work and restoration

  • skills

  • Catering


Help us Make a Difference

Gifts to the ‘Gettalife Project’
telephone Rev Dr. Susan Gabriel Talbot on 0161 233 0630.

If interested in our new knitting project, contact Sr Claire-Aimée e-mail……

Registered charity no. 1131341


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  • An apprenticeship place was enabled with a young man for a catering position. He is now in full time employment after a year with a quality city centre hotel.

  • A young tenor-Joshua Gordon auditioned succcessfully for the  Junior RNCM. After 2 years with them, he is now a full time student at a major music conservatoire in London.

  • We are in the beginnings of a small knitting project for the Children’s Society  to create quilts for Asylum seekers and runaways.


The Gettalife project

Has grown out of the special musical event “Real life, Real Soul, Real Gospel” held at Manchester Cathedral. Our original vision had the focus of helping young people from the inner-city to ‘Gettalife’- to give a positive life-giving alternative to the surviving on Benefits or the life of the street.

The project now a registered charity, has widened its aims so that we are currently planning to develop a small portfolio of personally supervised apprenticeship places, as well as working to enable the development of artistic and craft skills for young people from a variety of disadvantaged backgrounds and contexts.

We offer this gift of a skill that enables joy and self-respect: a life-long ability that is never lost. It is a way to get a life that has meaning and creative purpose



Ethical Outreach

The Sisters are committed to projects which enable people to find their true path and a way of life that is creative and life-giving to themselves and for others. Although still small and in the process of formation, in the 12 years of our existence,  these are just some of the people we have supported:

  • A Sister who joined us for a period in her work with VSO in Ethiopia training teachers of primary education.

  • A young girl with a small grant to help her family give her the beginnings of training in gymnastics.

  •  A severely visually impaired boy with musical talent to continue lessons at Chetham’s School of Music. Partnership which enabled further collaboration with the school, the specialist academy and the local authority.

  • The backing and mentoring of a young boy of talent from the inner city who gained a place at Junior Royal Northern College of Music and gained a diploma from London TrinityLaban college of music.

  • A young man from the Afro-Caribbean community within the inner city whose dream was to become a barrister. Matched funding with the ‘Mothers Against Violence’ was organised to enable him to complete his bar exams. He is now has a permanent contract with a law firm.




A Gettalife and Sisters of Jesus project

In The Gettalife Project. Initially we worked with young people of talent from disadvantaged backgrounds to help them ‘Get a life.’ But we are now seeking to widen the scope of the charity by both broadening the age range of whom we work with but still looking to identify talent as a means by which with some degree of financial charitable support, a skill can be developed can become a livelihood.

The Knitting Project is a new development to make colourful ‘throws’ or knitted quilts to cheer hostel or cheap rented accommodation and other colourful, warm accessories: linking in with the work undertaken by The Children’s Society and other appropriate partnerships.

Our Knitting project’s specific contribution will be to make, (and encourage others to make!) warm and colourful wraps and throws, beanie hats, scarves and mittens and gloves. These items bring warmth, a sense of others care for the people we give these items to as well as colour and individuality to hostel or basic, rented room accommodation. It is our hope to brighten the room to give a sense of ‘home’ and comfort to a young person or adult living in a difficult context.

We hope that many people who enjoy knitting will want to get connected and contribute to this new Project.

Machine washable yarn in a variety of weights is readily available in high street stores and via the internet at reasonable prices. We recommend double knit or Aran, if possible with a reasonable percentage of wool content to improve warmth and durability.

We are having great fun putting colours together to create eye-catching garments

Simple designs are often best. This blanket was created using two simple patterns. We used seven different colours, but two or three work just as well. As a rough guide, about 700g of yarn is needed for a single bed size blanket.

Having been inspired by the pattern and image from the book, 'Simple Knits for Easy Living' by Erika Knight, Sue Talbot found you could make a similar blanket cum throw, that was easy to knit whilst looking at the TV or listening to music and could also use other yarns quite successfully.  In support of this new project, the publisher, Collins & Brown have kindly and generously given us the copyright use of both image and pattern design for knitters who might wish to join in this 'most worthwhile project' ....We are both encouraged and  most grateful to them for this permission.


Hints and Tips...

Bright colours …
       Cosy fabrics …
              Snuggly blankets…
                     Fun hats, scarves, gloves….

How to make a colour-block throw

Use 8 x 50g balls of double knitting yarn in each of four colours.
4mm knitting needles (or 5mm or 41/2mm for a looser, more fluid fabric). Pins and wool needle for sewing the squares together.

The integral edge of garter stitch provides a precision border to each square. We would suggest that whatever yarn is used, that it contains a reasonable percentage of real wool and that it is machine washable.

Colours should be kept within a family of colours ie greens and blues. Reds and oranges. Purples and blues. Black, grey and white. Browns, oatmeal and black. The throw is made up of two squares and two oblongs to form a single-bed sized throw cum blanket.

Method for 4 block throw:

Make four blocks. Two are longer, so more an oblong in length and two are shorter, more of a square, to make an overall bed-sized cover throw.

1st 2 blocks
Using 4mm needles and first colour, cast on 176 stitches and work 6cm garter stitch (knit every row). Then begin with a right-side row as follows: Next row (right side): knit to end of row,
Next row: knit 13, purl to last 13 stitches, knit 13, Keep repeating last 2 rows (so that 13 stitches at beginning and end of row are garter stitch and centre 150 stitches are stocking stitch) until work measures 74cm from cast-on edge. Now work 6cm garter stitch. Cast off.

2nd 2 blocks
Using 4 ½ mm needles Cast on 128 stitches and work 6 cm garter stitch.
Next right side, Knit to the end of the row.
Next row, Knit 9 purl to the last 9 stiches, knit 9.

Keep repeating these last 2 rows, keeping the garter stitch borders until work measures 74 cm
Now work 6 cm of garter stitch across the block as a final border.
Cast off.

Finishing: Follow instructions for steaming / pressing as stated on the ball band.. Pin the 4 blocks together, making sure that all the edges match, Sew all seams using a fine running stitch.

The joined blocks form a throw that measures 160cm (63in).


photo above left: Three knitted blocks in extra-fine merino wool are highlighted by the fourth block in a fuzzy bouclé. The joined blocks form a throw that measures 160cm (63in) square.
photo above right: The integral edge of garter stitch provides a precision border to each square.

Pattern and photo courtesy of Collins & Brown publishing



Alternative pattern

Trinity Stitch:
Cast on 42 stitches
1st row (right side) Purl
**2nd row: K1.*(K1. P1. K1) in next stitch. P3 together. Repeat from * to lat st K1.
3rd row: Purl
4th row: K1. *P3 tog. (K1. P1. K1) in next st. Rep from * to last st. K1
5th row: Purl
Carry on in pattern until a square is formed.
Change colour

Ridge Pattern
1st row (right side) K3 * Slip 1 K3. Repeat from * to last 3 sts. Slip 1 k2.
2nd row: Purl.
Carry on in pattern until a square is formed.

The blanket can be worked in panels of 5 or 6 squares (this saves a lot of sewing of separate squares) and 5 or 6 panels can be sewn together. Edging can be worked around the sides to finish off a cosy blanket or throw.

The patterns above are only a suggestion. You may prefer to knit six inch squares of any appropriate design and we would suggest within the following possible colour ways: Black and white, black and silver, green and blue, green, blue and purple, red and orange.

Hats and scarves can be completed in your favourite pattern.


photo: The patterns above are only a suggestion. You may prefer to knit six inch squares of any appropriate design and we would suggest within the following possible colour ways: Black and white, black and silver, green and blue, green, blue and purple, red and orange.


Some examples of throws from these patterns. click on an image for a larger view

Any questions?

Please contact Claire Sherman on 07427 616030 or Sue-Gabriel Talbot on 0161 233 0630

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If you would like to send throws, wraps and beanie hats, please contact Sue on 0161 233 0630