The Order of the Sisters of Jesus

New patterns for new times




If you are drawn to the Spiritual Life
and are interested in a new Anglican-based
Religious Order. This may be for you!

The Sisters of Jesus is an emerging Anglican-based Religious Order


It is hoped that in time there may also be Brothers who are called to form a parallel Order.

Anyone interested in such a new development are also invited in the first instant to contact Rev Dr Susan Gabriel Talbot at the given address.


If you are interested in becoming a Core Sister, An Associate Sister or Friend to this new Order, contact us by directly by phone or by e-mail.
Rev Dr. Susan Gabriel Talbot
(Foundation Sister)

Tel 0161 233 0630


Procedure for Joining

Meet the Foundation Sister and then the wider group.

After a period of consideration, a formal Year of Exploration begins at the annual Vows service.

This is followed by the taking of first Temporary Vows.

Vows are renewed by all the sisters at a special service in January in the Lady chapel of Liverpool Cathedral.