The Order of the Sisters of Jesus

New patterns for new times




If you are drawn to the Spiritual Life
and are interested in a new Anglican-based
Religious Order. This may be for you!

The Sisters of Jesus is an emerging Anglican-based Religious Order


After a ten year probationary period, the Advisory Council of the Anglican church who regularise and advise the Bishops on matters related to the life of Religious Communities have given us formal recognition as an ‘acknowledged community’.

The Sisterhood is under the patronage of Bishop Christopher Mayfield and has, as its Bishop Visitor, the Right Reverend Richard Blackburn; Suffragan Bishop of Warrington. This new community is open to those from other Christian traditions but is Anglican in its overall formation with strong links to the Ignatian tradition.It draws on that and other tried and tested spirituality patterns for its spiritiual formation.

We are answerable to the structures in the UK province of the world wide Anglican community.

We are committed to:

  • Daily prayer and a place for silence

  • Being committed to each other as sisters through mutual encouragement, support and prayer.

  • We endeavour to meet together formally for a day every 6 weeks and a week-end away quarterly at a Retreat House. This time is used for prayer, fellowship and to discern the way of God for us; to seek our individual and corporate path in life.

  • Using our Psalm lectionary on a daily basis

  • Praying the common prayer of the Order.

  • Tithing 1% of our income

  • Being ethically and practically involved in the world, allying ourselves to causes of justice, mercy and compassion.

  • We are involved in the new registered charity, the Gettalife Project:charity number 1131341, which began with the backing of the Sisterhood.

The Vows

We are called to live a vowed life of dedication to Christ’s way for our lives. This is embodied through key lifestyle choices.

  • Faithfulness, whether married or called to the single and celibate life.

  • Simplicity of lifestyle, so that we hold lightly to material things and share generously with others.

  • Welcome to both friend and stranger who the Spirit of God may bring to our door.



The sisterhood is based at present in the North West of England but there is no limitation as to where sisters may live. It is hoped in time that this new spiritual network may have sisters in many parts of the UK, Ireland and even overseas.