The Order of the Sisters of Jesus

New patterns for new times




If you are drawn to the Spiritual Life
and are interested in a new Anglican-based
Religious Order. This may be for you!

The Sisters of Jesus is an emerging Anglican-based Religious Order


Within the group is a commitment to this way of being for ourselves which has at its centre the call to ‘an uncommon attention to the things of God’, to the place of silence, a commitment to going on Retreat once a year or more often as required or called, the place in our prayer and considerations of the Word of God as expressed within the foundation documents of the Biblical revelation and a regular time for prayer and silence in whichever form is appropriate to our temperament and life’s pattern.

One of the Sisters offers a quiet space on the edge of the city - a room for a day-away escape, which can include a 24 hours stay...spiritual direction if desired and always coffee/tea and home-made cookies!

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Within our core group of Sisters there is a variety of life-style emphasis, from working as part of our Gettalife Project charity to fulfilling very senior professional responsibilities: from being a freelance writer to setting up a new franchise business.  The Sisters’ patterns of life and prayer reflect a wide range of balance of prayer and action, which we are challenged to review with our spiritual director, our Spiritual Formation Sister and our discussions within the community itself.

Equally we are involved in the outward signs of the Christian church and its communities in a broad variety of ways, as priest, Reader or Eucharistic minister or just most importantly perhaps by ‘being there’, one of the people of God, known to be one of Christ’s people, who name his name.



This way of living the Religious Life, not in community but in our own place, has challenged us to develop a pattern of prayer, silence and worship that has both consistency and a unity but allows for our living differently patterned lives.  We have a flexibility of mode and styles of spiritual life to reflect and accommodate very different ways of being, reflected in the temperament, vocation and personalities of the persons being drawn to us and to this way of being within the Christian community.

The core of this intrinsic unity is the use of a common prayer and the daily use of our own psalm lectionary, which takes us through the whole psaltery within a year, giving a few verses each day to aid contemplation and prayer. This is one of the most ancient of traditions to those called to deepen their commitment to the spiritual path within the Western spiritual traditions: the saying of the Psaltery as a simple liturgy for those called to the religious life goes back to the Desert Fathers.